• arcetop
22 08, 2016

Museum Monday: Archaeopteryx

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I once saw a replica of the Berlin Archaeopteryx in a friends house. It was so beautiful. I later stumbled upon this replica at the University of Colorado Museum of Natural History. Archaeopteryx was one of the oldest fossils that showed the feather plumage that dinosaurs had. Museum Monday is an every other week series about museum news, objects, and reviews.

  • mahglass2
20 08, 2016

Souvenir Saturday: Maho Bay Glass Blowing

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There once was an amazing echo-campground on St. John, USVI. You could stay in these canvas tents in the trees. And you could watch glassblowing artisans use recycled glass to make beautiful things all night long. Sadly, the campgrounds lost their lease and the land was sold a few years back. Which makes Maho Bay Glass souvenirs rare. This is an example of their beautiful work, of a purple fish ornament. Souvenir Saturday is an every-other week series on the items that represent travel memories.

  • jellyfish3
19 08, 2016

Falling Jellyfish in Toronto

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The Jellyfish at Toronto's Ripley's Aquarium are just memorizing. Read more about the aquarium here. Every Friday Lili shares her favorite photography & the stories behind the photos.

  • julymovies
16 08, 2016

July 2016 Recap

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This month was a quiet month at home! Recommended Reading Lili on the Loose I didn't write much this month. I had grand plans to do so, but just didn't have the energy. Thus most of my favorite posts this month are mostly photography related: Crack in the Shadows of Xibalba Catacombs of Kom el Shoqafa Colors of Ancient Egypt Other Blogs I feel like other bloggers have been busy traveling and so there haven't been as many articles that caught my inspiration. But here are the ones that I did enjoy: Math + Churros = delightfully funny (and craving [...]

  • aswanboat1
15 08, 2016

Travel Missteps: The Fast Felucca

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After a long night train from Cairo, we finally reached Aswan. To hit the ground running, I immediately took a taxi to the Unfinished Obelisk. Afterwards, I was so tired, and so decided to swim at the hotel pool, which overlooks the Nile. Typical to the "service" standard that was in Egypt, no towel attendants were in sight. Due to the lack of tourists the cafe was shut down. (We ordered lunch with a lone employee who had appeared, but it took over 2 hours for us to finally see them again with that food!) And the pool was missing [...]

  • portland
12 08, 2016

Chinese Window at Lan Su Garden

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I love taking photography of simple things like doors and windows. This Chinese style window at the Lan Su Garden in Portland, OR caught my eye. Every Friday Lili shares her favorite photography & the stories behind the photos.

  • ik_kil_1
11 08, 2016

Cooling off at Ik Kil Cenote

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There is something scary and a bit mysterious about venturing into a cenote.  Staring down into the dark abyss, I was a bit apprehensive. It looked so deep. It also was much bigger than I had thought it would be.  Those were my first thoughts of seeing the Ik Kil Cenote. After traversing the winding path 85 feet below the earth I looked back up. Small waterfalls decorate the walls, and roots from the plants above dive below the water. I shivered a bit in the darkness, no longer afraid but due to the temperature change for being so far below the [...]

  • A cute stone Jaguar
8 08, 2016

Museum Monday: Stone Jaguar

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This stone Jaguar is from the Museo Nacional de Costa Rica in San Jose. A cute stone Jaguar Museum Monday is an every other week series about museum news, objects, and reviews.

  • I made a clay heart bowl. This one is pretty deep!
6 08, 2016

Souvenir Saturday: St John Clay Works

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Hands on experiences are always the best, and I had a chance twice to visit the Maho Bay Clay Works in St John, USVI and make my own pottery. This was my first little bowl I made, and it actually turned out pretty well! It use to be a nice purple color, but an Irish flag once got caught in some water in the bowl and the color changed slightly. I have another pot at this same trip in 2010, but it came out very weirdly so haven't taken a photo of it. My second trip I was more [...]

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5 08, 2016


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I'm a complete and utter Spaz. Yesterday was a long day for me. I had a early call with a client so was up 1.5 hours earlier than normal and made it into the office extra early. I then had a meeting go late after work, and then we had a company baseball game. I didn't know if I could bring in my laptop to the stadium (for future reference that is a yes), so left it in the office with the plan of retrieving it. I was good at the game, not drinking much, and so by the time [...]