25 04, 2017

March 2017 Recap

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This month I was a series of highs and lows. On the good front, I had a fantastic Girl's Night with my friends. We went to a Wine and Painting night, and it was STAR WARS NIGHT. We painted the Death Star! I had so much fun! At one point, a guy behind me kept telling his friends "I want to just fucking spit on her painting. It looks so good I need to fucking ruin it." With his friends hushing him and telling him that was wrong. I just smiled and was like "Damn fucking right." And drank another drink. So

24 04, 2017

Travel Missteps: What a View!

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I've never worked in a real skyscraper. Which is why I was so fascinated when I was in Boston working with clients on an event. Working for a few days with amazing views of downtown Boston, Charles River, and the bay was a unique experience. But wasn't without peril. As one of my clients was showing me around the office, I spied a beautiful view of the bay, and in my excitement ran boob first into a transparent glass conference room wall, bouncing back stunned and confused. I had moved so fast, that it made a large bump noise and my breasts

21 04, 2017

Symbol of Ra

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One common site in Egyptian architecture is the Winged Sun Disk, often with cobras and vulture heads nearby. This one comes from a window in the courtyard of Philae Temple. Every Friday Lili shares her favorite photography & the stories behind the photos.

20 04, 2017

Electrolyte Powder Needs To Be In Your Travel Kit

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I like travel gear. Leading up to a trip I will research and see what new toys I can get. But at this point there isn't much that I don't have (and I already have a lot I don't need.) One of those little preparation purchases that I ended up never using (that is until I was extremely ill in Egypt) was Rehydration Powder also know as Electrolyte Powder. I had bought some for Costa Rica in 2012, and carted it around "just in case". Well good thing, because when I was 6 days into a 17 day trip to Egypt in

17 04, 2017

Museum Monday: Jade Museum of Costa Rica

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The old Jade Museum in San Jose, Costa Rica was dark, quite, and cramped.  (It's since moved to a large 75,000 square foot museum in 2014.) I had heard from other travelers it was hard to get in as its hours would close randomly and at the whim of the guards. When I arrived, I was informed it was closed. After some back and forth they said that the staff was at lunch. I smiled and asked the guard if I could sit on the stool in front of his desk and wait. (I had nowhere else to go.) He

15 04, 2017

Souvenir Saturday: Larimar, Stone of the Caribbean

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Larimar is a stone only found in the Dominican Republic, but you'll find jewelry made from the stone throughout the Carribean as the "Official" stone of the area. It's beautiful aqua blue color does remind you of the ocean waves. I have 3 pieces of Larimar jewelry, all purchased at various places of the US Virgin Islands. The first piece The first piece, is actually my newest acquisition, as I got it right before leaving the USVIs on St. Thomas in Charlotte Amalie at a market usually serving cruise ship passengers. We had arrived by ferry and right after exiting found

10 04, 2017

Travel Missteps: The Best Laid Plans

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I'm not known for spontaneity. As an introvert if I don't have set plans its too easy to forgo them. So when I travel I tend to overplan. I'm not insane. I don't have exact step by step down to the minute plans. Instead I have knowledge and options. I'll know of things to see and do, when they open, and what is nearby. Sort of like an al-la-carte menu. So what would you do with one free day? One full of promise, but no set plans? This is what I pondered for my last day in Egypt. I would be

7 04, 2017

The Falcon at Edfu, Egypt

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This magnificent falcon statue at Edfu represents Horus and wears the double crown of Egypt. It was fun slowly watching the sun light up this statue. Every Friday Lili shares her favorite photography & the stories behind the photos.

6 04, 2017

Free Las Vegas – Bellagio Fountains

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One of my favorite free activities in Las Vegas is the famous Bellagio Fountains. Starting mid afternoon and going into the night, the fountains are choreographed to various songs. During the day I recommend viewing from the front of the lake, looking onto the hotel. But at night, nothing beats a sideview looking onto the faux Eiffel Tower at the Paris Hotel. View from the Front during the Day Check here for the latest selection of songs and the timing of the fountains.