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23 09, 2016

Fall at St. Malo – Allenspark, CO

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This little church in the mountains is beautiful in any season, but I think fall is the best. I stumbled upon a wedding this day. Every Friday Lili shares her favorite photography & the stories behind the photos.

  • You can see bits of detail here and there.
22 09, 2016

Antigua Ruins: Santiago Cathedral

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Catedral de San José Antigua means Ancient in Spanish. While not as old as the Mayan settlements, the city was founded in the mid 1500’s the city served as a capital of the kingdom of Guatemala. However in the 1700’s a series of earthquakes rocked the city until it was abandoned and the capital was moved to Guatemala City. It is amazing to look up and see the sky, framed by the walls. Slowly in the 20th century people started to return to the city, but rebuilding was limited. Today you can still see many of [...]

  • Scarab with the sun disk of Ra in its shrine.
19 09, 2016

Museum Monday: Granite Scarab at the Nubian Museum

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This granite scarab with the sun disk of Ra and a uraeus (cobra) which are symbols of leadership in ancient Egypt. This is about the size of a football and sits within its own shrine. If you go: The hours change depending on the season. When I went in late October it was open from 9-1 and then 4-7. Admission for foreigners without any student discounts is 60 EGP. I believe the student discount put it at 40-45 EGP. Museum Monday is an every other week series about museum news, objects, and reviews.

  • munich2
17 09, 2016

Souvenir Saturday: Oktoberfest

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Today Oktoberfest starts in Germany! I haven't had a chance to go to that event, but I did visit Germany over Christmas a few years ago and picked up these mini steins from Munich. Souvenir Saturday is an every-other week series on the items that represent travel memories.

  • MosqueMuhammadAli
16 09, 2016

The Glass as it were a Glittering Star

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The Verse of Light from the Qur'an is written very pretty, and is a good fit for looking up at the many glass lamps in the Mosque of Muhammad Ali, in Cairo, Egypt. The verse goes like this: God is the Light of the heavens and the earth. The parable of His Light is a niche wherein is a lamp— the lamp is in a glass, the glass as it were a glittering star— lit from a blessed olive tree, neither eastern nor western, whose oil almost lights up, though fire should not touch it. Light upon light. God draws parables [...]

  • edfu8
13 09, 2016

Egypt Travelogue: Day 11, Part 1 – Early Morning in Edfu

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This is my travel diary of my trip to Egypt. It contains in detail my memories of what I did and saw. Sunday November 1, 2015 Egypt: Day 11, Part 1 – Early Morning in Edfu Photo by Tara We got up and met in the lobby of the ship. I recall drinking what was called orange juice, but was more related to Tang.  (We'd have our actual breakfast after we got back.) We then headed out to take our horse carriage to Edfu Temple. Apparently, when the city and cruise ships tried to switch to buses, the locals rebelled [...]

  • Paris_Metro_Sign
12 09, 2016

Travel Missteps: The Pickpocket

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The Paris Metro - efficient and beautifully decorated in Art Nouveau style and my first experience with Metros/Subways. It was also how I figured out I had an excellent sense of direction. I became the navigator for my family, directing us to the right Metro stops and platforms. But on our way to the department store, La Samaritaine, something strange happened. A woman and a young boy were standing close to us on the Metro. I didn't pay them much mind, until I notice the boy was coughing a lot. I actually moved a bit away from them. The woman then said in [...]

  • cayecaulkersunset
9 09, 2016

Caye Caulker Sunset

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As I was racing around the island in a golf cart to try (and succeeded) to win a scavenger hunt I saw this beautiful sunset and squealed to a stop before snapping this pic. Every Friday Lili shares her favorite photography & the stories behind the photos.

  • dojosensei
8 09, 2016

Visting a Judo Dojo in Japan

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I enjoy martial arts and so was delighted to visit a Dojo that taught Judo in Japan. While the rest of the girls in my group were timid, I actually went all for it! When they asked us to kick, I kicked hard, making my spotter move. He grunted in approval and braced for my next kick and punch. The other girls in my group looked at me like I was crazy, but I was having too much fun! If you ever visit a Dojo be sure to remove your shoes and other clothes, and then bow as you enter. [...]

  • hogwartsletter2
6 09, 2016

August 2016 Recap

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This month stuck around town for the most part. Kites on Larimer today! A photo posted by Lili (@liliontheloose) on Aug 9, 2016 at 3:55pm PDT At work we went to a Rockies Game! And I finally got my Hogwarts Letter! Just in time for September 1st! Recommended Reading Lili on the Loose I got into the fall spirit a little early with my travelogue post on Halloween in Egypt. I tried to beat the heat by remembering the cool water in Ik Kil Cenote, Mexico. And I warned others not to bring peanut butter on a plane! Other Blogs [...]