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Travel Missteps: I Swear its Not Porn

I became a Japanese Anime and Manga fan in 1998 when Sailor Moon (and later Gundam Wing) were aired on Toonami. I loved the artistic style and would brave dial-up internet to research other anime, how to draw the big eye style, and start teaching myself Japanese. It was hard being a fan back then as it was so new to America that most people didn’t know what it was.

The Original Anime Sailor Moon

The Original Anime Sailor Moon

I remember that most bookstores didn’t carry manga. I once asked for the “Graphic Novel” section, and a confused shop keeper took me to the adult pornographic section. (I was 11….this was jarring.) Or I was forced to brave the slightly scary Hot Topic for their small selection of manga.

By high school Anime and Manga were just beginning to become popular. I started going to the local Anime conventions. I remember my first one I was so enchanted with everything that I spent all of my money within an hour…even my food money. I resorted to dancing and speaking Japanese to other convention goers begging for Pocky (a Japanese chocolate cookie type candy.) I was definitely an Otaku. I was overjoyed when my high school started having official Japanese classes.

And then I got involved with the local Sister Cities organization because their sister city was in Japan. After a few years of hosting Japanese students over the summer, I finally was chosen to go to Japan through the exchange program.

The first part of our time in Japan was a few days in Tokyo on our own. I had done a lot of research and found that a district nicknamed “Akiba” or Akihabara in Tokyo was known as the Anime district. Since I was unofficially in charge of planning our time in Tokyo I reserved time to visit Akiba.

I sold my other exchange students and the chaperones on the fact that this area (sometimes called Electric Town) was where you could buy new Japanese technology. (Although I failed to mention the prices were insanely high, the products only in Japanese, and the voltage wouldn’t work with US products.) While we did get to see early smartphones that I didn’t see for almost 5 years in US, the group…didn’t really enjoy their time there.

The problem stemmed from the fact that while there is a lot of Anime and Manga that are made for children or young adults, in Japan it is also used for Adults and the Pornography industry. And it happened that many of the first floors of these shops featured 3 boobed busty anime babe…and tentacle porn…just out in the open. I had been forewarned by this from the internet but had neglected to tell the rest of the group.

So they refused to enter. One chaperone asked if I was okay, and I happily explained the kids stuff was on the top floor. I then went in alone and shopped. I got so many things…and apparently spent too long shopping as eventually my male chaperone braved the bizarre store to find me. I paid and we went outside to find the rest of the group bored and a bit upset with me. They were convinced that I was buying porn. Nothing I could say would change the minds.

Ah well. I had fun! But years later I stopped being an Otaku and got rid of 98% of all that stuff because I needed more space in my apartment. And of course, a few months after I donated everything…a NEW Sailor Moon series was launched and I’ve been pulled…slightly…back in. And I regret giving everything away. I guess I’ll need to save up for another trip to Japan!

The new Sailor Moon

The new Sailor Moon

Travel Missteps

Travel Missteps is an every-other week series on how sometimes part of the journey is making mistakes and getting lost.

Egypt Trip Itinerary

Within the next few months I will be embarking on my dream trip of a lifetime – EGYPT! I’ve been wanting to do this trip forever and actually had the money saved up to go in 2011, but the revolution put a kink in my plans. I was skittish, not wanting to go during that trouble period. But I realize now, things will never be stable…at least not for another decade or so. And so I must take a leap of faith, stop waiting, and just go! So for the last few months I’ve been planning this trip.


Below is my projected Itinerary for my trip to Egypt:

Day 1

I will travel from Denver to Frankfurt starting in the afternoon.

Day 2

I will arrive in Frankfurt mid morning and will have a 11 hour layover. I’m deciding between spending the day at museums in Frankfurt or if I’ll go to the picturesque college town of Heidelberg. Then in the evening I’ll return for my flight from Frankfurt to Cairo.

Day 3

Arrive in Cairo in the early hours, sleep in. Mid afternoon visit Coptic Cairo and the Citadel if there’s time. In the evening maybe head over to the Pyramids light show.

Day 4

Hire a taxi and see the pyramids and museums of Saqqara, Memphis, Dashur, and see if its possible to visit any of the digs at Abu Sir. In the evening the official tour with GAdventures starts with a welcome meeting and dinner.

Day 5

Begin day at the Great Pyramids of Giza. Visit Sphinx. Maybe see the other smaller pyramids at Giza, visit the Solar Boat museum or ride a camel. In the afternoon head to Alexandria.

Day 6

In Alexandria see Fort Quaitbay, Pompey’s Pillar, Catacomb of Komel- Shokafa, and Alexandria Library. Then have a seafood dinner.

Day 7

On the return trip to Cairo stop at the monasteries of Wadi Natrun. After lunch enjoy a guided tour of the Egyptian Museum and see the infamous Mummy Room. In the evening get onto sleeper train to Aswan.

Day 8

In Aswan, visit the Philae Temple, Unfinished Obelisk, and High Dam. In the late afternoon board a felucca to see Agha Khan Mausoleum and Kitchner Island with a stop at Elephantine Island. Then have dinner at a Nubian Village.

Day 9

Early morning start to fly to Abu Simbel. Then in the afternoon board Nile Cruise ship.

Day 10

While on cruise stop and visit the Kom Ombo.

Day 11

While on cruise, stop and travel to Edfu in horse drawn buggy and see Temple of Horus. In evening arrive in Luxor.

Day 12

Head to the Luxor West Bank to see the Colossi of Memnon, Valley of the Kings, and Temple of Queen Hatshepsut. Later visit Karnak temple and then dinner with a local family.

Day 13

Free day in Luxor. Option to go to do day trip to Abydos and Dendera, or see the East Bank sites of Luxor Temple and Mummy Museum.

Day 14

Early flight from Luxor to Cairo. Then visit to Islamic Cairo and farewell dinner with group.

Day 15

Free day on my own. Either hop a flight to Sharm el Sheikh to snorkel the red sea with Memphis Tours, or spend the day in Cairo seeing sites that needed more time.

Day 16

Early hour flight from Cairo to Munich. Short layover and then flight from Munich to Frankfurt. Another short layover and then fly from Frankfurt to Denver. Arrive in the afternoon.

Egypt Trip

Review: Mythic Creatures at the Denver Museum of Nature & Science

A Unicorn at Mythic Creatures at the Denver Museum of Nature & Science.

A Unicorn at Mythic Creatures at the Denver Museum of Nature & Science.

I had the opportunity to see the new Mythic Creatures exhibit at Denver Museum of Nature & Science last week at a preview night.  As a child my grandmother gave me a book on fairy tales that captured my imagination. And as I grew up my interest in fantasy books and movies only grew. So I had high hopes for this exhibit!

A modern take of a Pegasus as if it was a Carousel Horse.

A modern take of a Pegasus as if it was a Carousel Horse.

The exhibit is laid out into 3 sections: Water creatures, Land creatures, and Air creatures (with a focus on Dragons). In the middle there is a rest break area for children to draw their own mythical creature. At the end you can take a green screen photo of yourself with a Unicorn or Dragon (mine sadly was never emailed or texted, so something went wrong.)

Release the KRAKEN!

Release the KRAKEN!

Unfortunately it didn’t hit the mark for me, so I wanted to share this review of the exhibit. After seeing DMNS’s Whales exhibit that was in the same space, Mythic seemed small in comparison. I applaud that they brought in a wide variety of creatures from many cultures but I felt like there were some issues on how they went about setting everything up.


Modern Quetzalcoatl head in the Mayan style.


Firstly, there would be one (usually small) case for each type of creature. There was a lot of small plaques to read. This caused bottlenecks because you had to get in close to read them, and the many children that were there had to have it read to them by their parents. I was expecting the displays to be more like how the stories and myths were told in the Silk Road exhibit. In that one, they had huge TV screens that had an outer casing to make them look like an open book. Then it would tell various nicely done stories. Instead, Mythic had a few written statements or very condensed stories into just a few slim sentences. Each of these creatures have wide and rich backgrounds and stories, and I was left wanting more. The other issue was lighting and the matte of the plaques. I often had times simply reading even when I was right in front of the plaque. I ended up having to use my hand to shield the light away to be able to read.

Stories of Cyclopes and Giants could have come from Elephant and Mammoth bones.

Stories of Cyclopes and Giants could have come from Elephant and Mammoth bones.

Another issue was that many of the items in these cases were on the smaller end, and many were modern replicas. Nothing like leaning in close to an object, and then checking the date to see “c. 2009”. After traveling Europe I’ve seen many fascinating mythical creature objects, and their selection of modern or small objects was disappointing. I didn’t want to see a modern take, I wanted to see objects that reflected the artistry of when people believed these creatures were real. There were also odd choices. I’m not sure how a dragon and unicorn weather vane helped tell the story.

A modern take on a Mermaid that could have graced the figurehead of a ship.

A modern take on a Mermaid that could have graced the figurehead of a ship.

I will say some of the big statement pieces were gorgeous, from the Mermaid, to the Unicorn, to the brilliant Pegasus. I also did enjoy the selection of ancient coins that depicted some of the animals. I will say the museum did a good job on the part of explaining what real animals were the source of inspiration (or confusion) for the start of the mythical creature. Especially enjoyed seeing one of the few huge fossil egg of a Aepyornis “the elephant bird” from Madagascar. So while it was not the fanciful exhibit I was expecting, it was a decent way to spend an hour at the museum.

Ancient Pegasus Coin

Ancient Pegasus Coin

If you go:


The exhibit runs from March 20th to September 7th at the Denver Museum of Nature & Science, 2001 Colorado Blvd, Denver 80205. The exhibit is included in the museum ticket price or member admission.

Modern take on a European Dragon

Modern take on a European Dragon

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Souvenir Saturday: Irish Peat Turf Incense Burner


A quirky souvenir to bring back from Ireland is a Peat (or as its often called Turf) incense burner as its said there is no other smell that will certainly bring back memories like a Turf fire!

Peat is the most common fuel that the Irish burn due to the countries many bogs which produce it. It comes from the accumulation of decaying plant and organic matter over thousands of years in natural wet/acidic bogs and mires. To harvest the peat by hand it is cut out of the earth with sharp hoes, then compressed, and then dried out as bricks.

I had heard that you could find little cottage incense burners, and looked all over Ireland to find one. I finally found it in a little shop at the Cliffs of Moher! Keep your eye out for the cheaper version which is a box that looks like a cottage, 6 peat squares, and a shale burner. The other more expensive version comes with more peat squares and a ceramic incense burner that looks like smoke is rising up from the cottage.

Souvenir Saturday

Souvenir Saturday is an every-other week series on the items that represent travel memories.

Travel Missteps: Quit Your Bitchin

My first indication that my trip to Ireland would be unusual was at customs. My sister and I waited together and when we stepped up we answered the usual questions. When the younger custom agent asked us what we were doing we explained we were going on a tour.

Curious he asked us which tour company and we said CIE. He then just started laughing at us. “You certainly are screwing with their demographics aren’t you?” He said still laughing. Confused we tried to find out what he meant, but he only replied “You’ll find out soon enough!”

And boy did we find out! It seemed that the main demographic that uses CIE tours are Americans in their late 70’s/80’s. We were the youngest people on the trip by about at least 40 years (and that was including my parents!)

Now we had done a bus tour before in Italy, and had really enjoyed it. Which was strange because before then we were very very anti “group tours” as we had previously thought it didn’t give you enough freedom or time in places. But if you have a short timeframe and a lot of ground to cover, group tours can be very helpful. That was the reasoning why we decided to do another bus tour, since Italy was so great and easy. CIE on the other hand…made us realize that the destination also needs to be factored into weather you’ll be doing a vacation on your own or with a group.

Ireland is pretty small when you compare it against travel in Colorado. I believe in Ireland from East to West it can take 4 hours of driving and from North to South its upwards of 6 hours of driving. That makes it a very small country indeed. Ireland speaks English, and there isn’t a whole lot of culture shock. We should have considered that information before going on our CIE trip.

You see, Ireland is full of some great natural wonders, amazing ancient things, lots of ruined castles, wonderful churches, tons of pubs, and many many sheep. It is a country where you don’t really need to rush through it, as quite frankly, a lot of it is generally pretty similar. Which is not a bad thing…but when you are trapped on a bus for prolonged periods of time, and the scenery doesn’t change, it gets quite boring. Add in short stops because the elderly don’t want to walk that much, meant we spent a lot of time in the bus.

View of the Rock of Cashel from the road.

View of the Rock of Cashel from the road.

So our days were pretty much spent on the bus, stopping shortly to visit some small town to see their ruined castle/church/pub and then get back on the bus. Then while on the bus just watch as sheep/castles/farmland rolls by.  It made me slightly dislike Ireland for being so boring, but I realize that is just because of the group we went with. (Next time, I would have advised to rent a car…or wait till you are a 80 and still want an easy vacation.)

As you can imagine, when traveling with a lot of senior citizens, you are a bit beholden to their own lifestyle. Cheaper not so great food. Stops at souvenir tourist traps. Less stops to see interesting sites along the way, as stops were reserved for bathroom breaks. Late starts and early nights so they can get their beauty sleep. And a lot of general complaints about things.

Our guide/driver coined two phrases in response to this phenomenon. “Quit Your Bitchin!” and “You can sleep when you’re dead!” (I think he meant the latter one as inspirational, as in “they had paid good money for the trip and were here to see things on their vacation, so sleeping was not an option and would have to wait till later.” At least I hope that’s what he meant!) And would frequently switch between the two while he herded the group along the stops.

All in all, Ireland was beautiful but will not be on my favorite travel memories list. In my memory Ireland was simplified down to Sheep, Pubs, & Churches. But then again maybe I should just “Quit My Bitchin”.

You can sleep when you're dead...unless you're the tour guide. In that case, take a nap in between stops.

You can sleep when you’re dead…unless you’re the tour guide. In that case, take a nap in between stops.

Travel Missteps

Travel Missteps is an every-other week series on how sometimes part of the journey is making mistakes and getting lost.

The Sounds that Travel with Us

BuzzFeed recently had an article about the sounds from Italy that will fill you with Wanderlust. And it reminded me of all the sounds I associate with certain trips. Here are some of my top highlights that will instantly take me back in time:

Toronto: Theme from House of Cards

Google Play and Amazon had the first episode of House of Cars for free. I figured, sure why not, lets see what the hype is all about. I watched the first episode on my flights out…and got hooked. At night I’d watch House of Card before falling asleep.

San Diego: Military Bands

I’ve spent 4th of July twice in San Diego, and each time watched the many military bands at the parade.

Las Vegas: Slot Machines

No matter what the reason for the trip, the sounds of Slot Machines’ sound effects are sure to follow.

Guatemala, Belize, Mexico: Kesha’s Die Young

My English roommate Emily had a small speaker and played this song frequently throughout the trip. Ironically I hated Kesha before hearing this song, and it was a great pumped up party song for the trip.

Germany: German Christmas Music

On Christmas day my family stayed in and watched various old German Christmas specials on TV.

USVI: The sound of Rain

Both times I went to St. John it would rain at night, and since I was staying in a tent you could easily hear it.

Ireland: Wild Rover Drinking Song

My first night in Ireland I made my way to a traditional pub, where they taught us this song including when to clap and thump along.

San Francisco: The clang of Dim Sum dining carts

My favorite experience in San Francisco was the food, so its no wonder that dining carts sounds are what I remember best.

Italy: Robert Post Introductory Album & Mattafix’s Big City Life

My sister and I watched a MTV like channel and heard “Got None” and “Big City Life”. We fell in love with both songs. Later we purchased the Robert Post CD in Verona so we could listen to it.

Japan: Sailor Moon Karaoke

My host mother took us all out to Karaoke and then all the host mothers got together to sing the Moonlight Densetsu song!

England & Scotland: Reanimation Album by Linkin Park

I remember right before the trip this CD was released and I desperately wanted it. But I also had limited spending money and so decided to wait. But while in England I kept craving to hear new music and hated all the CDs I had brought with me (oh god it was that long ago) and so I paid triple the cost for the CD in a record store in Scotland and then listened to each song through the rest of the trip.


Those certainly aren’t all the sounds that remind me of travel but just the unique ones that come to mind.

Currently Traveling: Toronto

Hello! Sorry Travel Missteps is cancelled this week. I’m actually traveling last minute to Toronto Canada for work. I was able to visit the wonderful aquarium last night!

#nofilter @ Ripley's Aquarium

Jellyfish #nofilter @ Ripley’s Aquarium

Souvenir Saturday: Bismuth

When I was little I had a rock and fossil collection. I was obsessed with dinosaurs that my mother would hide rocks, small fossils, and minerals in the dirt and then allow me to dig and find them. At some point I lost the collection in a move.

So when I went to the National Museum of Natural History I decided to add to that lost collection. It took me ages to decide what type of rock or fossil was I going to get in the gift shop. I had seen photos of Bismuth on reddit and found its geometric patterns and beautiful rainbow colors intriguing. So after some debate, I decided to get a small man-made sample.

The light catches the mineral in different ways, showing color here and there.

The light catches the mineral in different ways, showing color here and there.

Souvenir Saturday

Souvenir Saturday is an every-other week series on the items that represent travel memories.

Birthday Jurassic Sweets

Today is my birthday! Last year I was celebrating my first week at my job and had the day off (For President’s Day) but didn’t do anything as my parents and sister were out of town. I also was busy trying to put things into storage so I could sell my condo. So I literally spent my birthday packing away my life. Not sure what this year will hold but I’m excited to find out.

I also love triceratops! A few years ago I found the cutest Birthday Triceratops. This year I found an entire set of Dinosaurs as yummy treats called Jurassic Sweets, including this Cupcakeceratops!

Travel Missteps: The Little White Lie


Random Cute Bunny

When I was 4 I remember going to a county fair. It seemed huge and circus like. And I remember having the knowledge that it was not my first county fair. So I made a beeline to the tent that would have the rabbits for sale. I fell in love with a white rabbit with red eyes and a little black around the ears. I don’t remember how much whining and bargaining I did but somehow we came home with a rabbit, cage, and food.

I was so excited for my first real pet! (I briefly had goldfish…but they had all died quickly, and were quite frankly pretty boring.)  I named the rabbit Snow, since it was mostly white. I was aware of the responsibility that I was being tested with. I diligently fed it and made sure it had water. I wasn’t allowed to let Snow roam and so instead pet him through the cage. But I avoided and instead begged my father to clean the cage for me.

Fast forward a little bit and I go downstairs one day…and Snow is gone. I run back upstairs crying and my mother held up a handwritten note (on the back of a business card, its strange what your memory remembers). “Its from Snow”. I couldn’t read and so my mother read it to me. The note said that although Snow had a lot of fun with me, he missed his family so much, and had ran away to be with them. I cried and demanded to know where Snow and his family was. “Disney World” was the answer. I knew Disneyland was the land of enchantment, of dreams and fun things. I had never been to Disney World but assumed it was just as wonderful. Placated that he was in a better place, I eventually forgot all about Snow.

That is…until for my 5th birthday we took a family vacation to…you guessed it Disney World!

One day as we were walking through Toontown I spied a large cage…filled with white rabbits with red eyes, and black tipped ears. I remembered Snow and eagerly ran towards it shouting “My Bunny!” over and over. My shell shocked parents hadn’t ever considered that Disney would actually have a petting zoo area with rabbits (It was in conjunction with Fort Wilderness area of Disney World) and so were ill prepared for what was happening.

I ran to the cage and spied one that looked exactly like Snow. I started getting upset that Mickey Mouse had caged my poor Snow. And so I started to demand that we take Snow and his family home. When my parents told me no, that Snow needed to stay I started screaming “NOOOOO! MICKEY…. STOLE….MY……BUUUUNNNNYYYY!!!!” over and over with each word getting louder and more shrill.

People started staring, and after a few minutes my parents snapped out of it and said that we would go meet with Mickey and talk it over with him.  I agreed that was a sensible plan…and then they distracted me by buying me toys every time I mentioned my bunny for the rest of the trip.

Their tactic worked. I completely forgot all about Snow and that incident at Disney World. That is until I was in 6th grade and we had an assignment to do a personal timeline. One thing our teacher suggested to add was the pets we had growing up. I put on my timeline, Got Snow the Bunny, Snow the Bunny Ran Away, and Found Snow at Disney World on my timeline. My teacher looking it over gave me strange look and asked me to explain. I told her the story.  She got very quiet and was like “Uh…I think you should talk to your parents about this.”

So I went home and brought it up…and as I was talking it suddenly dawned on me. “Snow died didn’t he?” And that is when I learned that since I hadn’t cleaned the rabbits cage it started to smell, so my parents put it (and the rabbit) outside for a few days…forgot about it, and found out that rabbits cannot survive cold Michigan nights. So they panicked and told me a little white lie. They said that when they saw me running to the rabbit cage at Disney World their hearts just leapt in their throats and they were dumbfounded. And that they specifically distracted me with toys to continue to avoid having the death conversation with me.

And that is the family story of how a little white lie about a little white bunny turned into a massive meltdown in Disney World. It is also the reason why I never had another pet after Snow until I was in high school and my parents would be sure none of us could accidentally kill our pets. I’m happy to say that pet, a Cocker Spaniel, is now almost 12 years old!

Travel Missteps

Travel Missteps is an every-other week series on how sometimes part of the journey is making mistakes and getting lost.