21 09, 2017

In Character Conversations: Pirates

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Tuesday was "Talk Like A Pirate Day", and it reminded me of last year meeting the infamous pirate: Captain Jack Sparrow. He's an elusive character at Disney World's Magic Kingdom. You cannot meet him during the day, but often can see him during Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween Party. (Hence why I'm dressed as a cat.) He's actually the first character I met, and it happened very quickly. I had just gotten off the Pirates of the Caribbean ride, to see a line of people. It wasn't very long, so I decided to hop in the line, not really knowing

18 09, 2017

Museum Monday: Diane’s Pocket

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This 37" x 25" pocket of over 100 aquamarine and other crystals is called Diane's Pocket and was discovered in 2004 near the summit of Mount Antero. It is the largest aquamarine find in North America, discovered by amateur Steve Brancato. It's on permanent display at the Denver Museum of Nature and Science. Museum Monday is an every other week series about museum news, objects, and reviews.

16 09, 2017

Souvenir Saturday: Fall in Boston

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I got this beautiful watercolor at Paul Rever Mall, part of the freedom trail and just outside of the Old North Church where Paul Rever hanged his two lanterns in warning. This park was full of crunchy fall leaves that I enjoyed jumping on, so I was happy to see this artist selling this painting to remind me of being in Boston in the fall. Souvenir Saturday is an every-other week series on the items that represent travel memories.

15 09, 2017

Ramses at Abu Simbel

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Ramses the Great built a temple at the end of the Egyptian domain. His imposing statues have withstood the test of time, and continue to gaze out across the land. Every Friday Lili shares her favorite photography & the stories behind the photos.

11 09, 2017

Travel Missteps: Luxor Locked In

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Photo by Elizabeth I'm not good at bargaining, as I'm just too nice and not good with that type of confrontation. Which is why Elizabeth, my friend from Middle School, ended up being my "Anger Translator" as she later joked on our trip of Egypt together. She stopped me from paying too much for things and got touts to stop hassling us. But it was definitely my fault that got us locked into a store in Luxor. I was thinking about getting a copper plate or bowl. I had seen one I really liked in Aswan, but decided

7 09, 2017

Scenes from St John, USVI

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Hurricane Irma has devastated so many countries and islands, and sadly I hear my beloved island of St John in the US Virgin Islands has been hit pretty hard. And with Irma heading towards Florida, more devastation is on its way. With St John on my mind, I'm sharing some of my favorite landscape photos I took on my 2011 trip. View of Anna Point and Leinster Bay. Look at that gorgeous color water! The beautiful Trunk Bay. Looking towards Coral Bay and Hurricane Hole from Bordeaux Mountain. Rainbow over Francis Bay and Whistling

5 09, 2017

August 2017 Recap

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This month was the three E's at work. Elitches, Eclipse, Escape! This month we had a company Elitches day (a local Denver theme park). I was worried that I'd be bored, as I don't like most rides. But I had some great coworkers that got me to take baby steps with various rides before convincing me to ride a real roller coaster! First time ever in my life! I found if I close my eyes, its not bad at all. (Probably from all the dark jostling in the Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey ride!) Then we did a morning

4 09, 2017

Museum Monday: The Hiddensee Treasure

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This amazing Viking treasure was revealed in 1873 after flooding on the German island of Hiddensee on the Baltic Sea. It is believed to have been created in the late Viking Age (10th century) possibly for the Danish King Harald Bluetooth. It was all pure gold and weighs about 600 grams. The center piece in the above photo is a fibula (brooch) and contains imagery of both Viking and Christian symbols. Scandinavian metalsmiths were renowned for their skill, and the detail of twisting gold represents snakes or dragons. Imagery on the pendants combined an eagle or owl head almost forming a Thor-like hammer