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30 06, 2016

Hypaethral Hall of Trajan’s Kiosk

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Trajan's Kiosk is a hypaethral temple (no roof) found at Philae in Egypt. Trajan was a Roman Emperor best known for having extended the Roman Empire to its largest area. Part of the newly acquired area was Egypt.  Rome assimilated into the local culture and created hybrid architecture temples. This was one of them. It is airy and bright with beautiful different capitals on top of each column. And with a view right on the water. It was sometimes nicknamed "The Pharaoh's Bed".

  • nile_fisherman
29 06, 2016

Egypt Travelogue: Day 10, Part 2 – Nile Cruise Sets Sail

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This is my travel diary of my trip to Egypt. It contains in detail my memories of what I did and saw. Saturday October 31, 2015 Egypt: Day 10, Part 2 – Nile Cruise Sets Sail After we made it past the sellers at the marina near Philae Temple we set off again. A few of us were dropped off at a Perfume store. We spent a while drinking tea and smelling all the various scents. I've never owned perfume so I don't know what I like (or am allergic too) and there are so many to smell that its hard to [...]

  • philae_firstview
28 06, 2016

Egypt Travelogue: Day 10, Part 1 – Philae Temple

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This is my travel diary of my trip to Egypt. It contains in detail my memories of what I did and saw. Saturday October 31, 2015 Egypt: Day 10, Part 1 – Philae Temple It was another early day, and the food for breakfast wasn't that great. Now I'm not a breakfast person anyway, but even their potatoes were tasteless. Then it was time to board a bus to Philae Temple. When arrived we were once again accosted by numerous sellers. And this was before we even exited the bus! After Mikel got us tickets we had to run the gambit of numerous [...]

  • memphis_liliontheloose_17
27 06, 2016

Museum Monday: Alabaster Sphinx of Memphis

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This lovely statue is found in the open air museum in Memphis, Egypt. It is called the "Alabaster Sphinx" or the "Calcite Sphinx" due to the yellow coloration of the stone. It is unknown which pharaoh is depicted here, but it is known it is from the 18th dynasty. Museum Monday is an every other week series about museum news, objects, and reviews.

  • Contrade of Siena
25 06, 2016

Souvenir Saturday: Siena Palio Contrade Banner

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The Palio is a 90 second horse race in Siena, Italy that takes place twice a year in the heart of the city at Piazza del Campo. It is a race for honor and prestige for the winer representing one of the 17 Contrade (districts) within the city. Of the 17 Contrade, only 10 are randomly chosen to participate in the race. They then go on to get randomly assigned a horse, and then must find a jockey to represent them. There are very few rules to the Palio, its sort of a "anything goes" and rivalry between the different [...]

  • pinksunset
24 06, 2016

Pura Vida – Pink Sunset

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This was a peaceful beach near the hostel I was staying at in Montezuma, Costa Rica. I found a lot of sea glass on this beach while I watched the sun set. Every Friday Lili shares her favorite photography & the stories behind the photos.

  • copticcross_2
23 06, 2016

Coptic Crosses at Philae Temple

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These crosses are a jarring contrast against the detailed hieroglyphics you see throughout Philae Temple, so its not hard to spot them. On columns and entryways they are found. They stand out more than the ancient graffiti. And even stand out more than the defaced images of Egyptian Gods, Goddesses, Pharaohs and everyday people. When I first saw these, as a fan of Ancient Egypt I was peeved. Philae Temple is so impressive, and the carvings that remain intriguing. But upon reflection these crosses shows how ancient temples found new uses in later times. They were refuges for early oppressed Christians as [...]

  • Photon
22 06, 2016

Jetpack’s Photon Plugin Breaks Images on WordPress

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Over a month ago I was overjoyed to have found what I thought was the issue causing my broken image nightmare. While this helped for minor issues, I started having reoccurring issues and this time a refresh wasn't helping. When I went to the link I noticed it wasn't a liliontheloose.com domain, but a wp.com domain. And any broken images would serve up an error of "We cannot complete this request, remote data could not be fetched". Google searches pointed me to years old Wordpress Plugin support, all pointing to the Photon feature. I soon disabled it and everything was working. [...]

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21 06, 2016

Egypt Travelogue: Day 9, Part 3 – Aswan at Night

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This is my travel diary of my trip to Egypt. It contains in detail my memories of what I did and saw. Friday October 30, 2015 Egypt: Day 9, Part 3 – Aswan at Night It wasn't that long of a walk to the Nubian Museum. When we went the museum actually opened in the morning, then closed around lunchtime, and then opened up again at 4PM and into the night. This is actually rare nowadays in Egypt, as most other sites and museums close around 4-5. Which is actually a bummer as I was still ready to site see around that [...]

  • Source of this photo is reddit user Epinephrine666
20 06, 2016

Travel Missteps: Where’s Dad?

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A lot of my family lives in Kansas. It is around an 8 hour drive from Colorado to Kansas, and so I've become a conquerer of the rest/truck stops and restaurants along our route from years of making that road trip. However, one place my father refuses to go back to is the KFC in Fort Hays, KS. To say he had a bad experience is a bit of an understatement. It started out like a normal stop. We were hungry, and there aren't a whole lot of healthy options that are quick, because we've learned who really wants to [...]